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Art * Design * Culture

design is everywhere.

** street is art.

the world’s northernmost capital.
moody, windy, cold, often dark.
that is why they call the city ‘Greykjavik’.
so let’s add some pretty little colors.

colorful street art certainly brightens things up: everything is full of graffiti.
street art is so abundant and considered to be some of the “best” in the world.
watch out, Banksy, better be prepared 😉

** nature forms and defines **

desaturated, green, yellowish, dusty, mossy. forms and figures.
textures over textures. stunning landscapes. unspoiled nature.

culture, tradition, lifestyle … everything is connected and derived from what forms Iceland.
móðir náttúra – mother nature.

🌈 pride 🌈

pride month is every month.

equality · authenticity · respect
socially speaking Icelandic’s have a strong understanding of what is important.

we l o v e that.

** night and life

grab a warm jacket, get out, take a deep breath.
inhale the cities vibes.

enjoy the coffee culture in one of the nice little cafés.
talk to other people. raise a glass of craft beer with someone.

museums and popup galleries everywhere.
photography · art · fine art · graphics · history · architecture · Icelandic ceramic
the list is endless. so is inspiration.


freaky? just be authentic. that is art enough.

design principles

designed with heart · it’s the little things that make a difference · always keep in mind where you come from · get the best out of it · think of what you (and everyone) really needs (survival first) · be open · be authentic





wild and free · simple and clean · creative and crazy · brave and bold · authentic · nordic · smart and intuitive · diverse and detailed




vona að þú hafir gaman af · hope you enjoyed ✌️